Sontidsdans 2013

With the aim to appreciate the small towns of Norway and its culture, I decided to arrange a contemporary dance festival in the heart of Son, Norway. A group of dance artists from all over Europe were invited to perform their works in the settings of this utmost idyllic place. The works aimed to push the boundaries of dance/performance/visual art as it is being continually re-defined in contemporary art. This way our beloved inhabitants of Soon and the area around could have the joy of watching contemporary dance from the whole continent, as well as Soon being put on the map for even more dance artists within and beyond the border.

The artist at Sontidsdans were Cornelia Voglmayr, Elisa Vassena, Stella Papi, Masako Matsushita, Clare Daly, Erik Nevin, Kompani Jernet, Comet Kid as well as myself. As we all had such an amazing time in 2013, I persuaded Thea Færden Bringsværd to join the team for 2014, resulting in an expansion to the neighboring town Hølen, Theas’ hometown. The festival was then renamed Sånafestivalen.

Here is our memories captured on film by Sebastian Simet: Revisiting Sontidsdans 2013



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