Sånafestivalen 2014

The name of the festival comes from Såna, a river running through the two villages of Hølen and Son, on which more than 60 audience members could enjoy performances from canoes on the last day of the festival! From the 7-9th of August 2014 more than 20 local and international artists came to dance, play music and theatre in several untraditional indoor and outdoor spaces in Hølen and Son.

Sånafestivalen was arranged by Thea Færden Bringsværd and my self with very good help from local sponsors and volunteers. The biggest help we got was from all the artists: Ellen Margrethe Røhr-Staff, Jonas Bjerketvedt, Thea Færden Bringsværd,Andreas Strand Renberg, Cornelia Voglmayr, Kjersti Aas Stenby, Karina Suarez Bosche, Cheng Ting Chen, Felipe Sanchez Luna, Tam Matsu, Elisa Vassena, Stella Papi, Tine Østergaard, Tilde Nielsen, Rosann Hammer, Julie Rasmussen, Josephine Kylén-Collins, Piet Gitz-johansen, Mikkel Rasmussen Hofplass, Marte Blom O. Sommerfeldt and Ida Grimsgaard.

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