Sånafest 2015

Sånafest is an international dance-, performance and culture festival connecting the two lovely villages Son and Hølen together. Our aim is to make exciting international and local works available for the inhabitants and visitors of Hølen and Son, as well as giving all the artists a meeting point for new collaborations across a variety of cultures. This year we have grown to a team of five; Thea Færden Bringsværd, Nina Koren, Mikkel Rasmussen Hofplass, Andreas Strand Renberg and myself.

Here is a taster made by L-P Lorentzen showing how this years festival went!

Sånafest 2015 happened from from the 18-20th of JUNE, in plenty of places between Hølen and Son. We were so lucky as to have lots of volunteer help, local sponsors AND more than 30 amazing artists with us. Amongst the artists this year were Elisabetta Lauro, César Augusto Cuenca Torres, Tam Matsu, Paolo Paggi, Emma Örn, Paolo Zuccotti, Tamer Fathy, Dewey Dell, Eugenio Resta,Agata Castellucci, Teodora Catellucci, Demetrio Castellucci, Collectif A/RDemay Thomas, Olivia Caillaud, Sébastien Hervier, C&C Company, Carlo Massari, Chiara Taviani, Maija Karhunen, Marc Philipp Gabriel, Friederike Meese, Kristina Gjems, Eric Williams, Cornelia Voglmayr, Tuva Færden, Jon Hjellum Brodal, Arild Hammerø, Morten Kvam, Martin Slaatto, Bifrost Hølen Regnbueteater,Madamamwe, Andreas Strand Renberg, Gabriel Klingen Borg, Henrik Dale,Marcel Mandji, Solo Diarra, Nina Koren, Mikkel Rasmussen Hofplass, Thea Færden Bringsværd, Ole Thomas EvensenIng Vild + + + 

You can find much more information on our web site www.saanafest.com. We also collaborate internationally with the festival HangArt in Pesaro, Italia.

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